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Welcome to my page my name is Sive and I am an artist from Groningen. I mainly do street photogrpay. I want to show the world the beauty of the mundane every day events that we walk past on the street every day. I want to capture how interesting out lifes actually are if we only dare to look.

With street photography I mainly work analog, I feel it gives the pictures a more raw and interesting look. Also the whole proscees of developing the film and printing the pictrues makes them more valuable, it makes them more important than if you would print a digital picture.

Next to the street photography I do a lot of event photography, I photograph a lot of band, this I do digitaly. But even here I try to make them as interesing as possible and to realy capture the spirit of the paticular band.

My photo's are for sale and you can hire me to photograph an event, information to contact me can be found on the contact page.


News and updates about upcomming events.